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  • Committing to goals by discovering your WHY.
  • How to prep yourself for your new lifestyle change.
  • Overcoming + Understanding Sugar Cravings.
  • Why and how to lean on a community when you are making changes in your life.
  • Lack of Self-Discipline when it comes to eating.
  • Removing the STRESS from eating.
  • How to Meal Prep in a way that works for you and your family. It does not have to be a BIG to-do!
  • What to grab for when you feel like you just need something to snack on and get you through the afternoon.
  • The MINDSET shift needed to make healthier decisions your DEFAULT.



My Virtual Gym will support you in looking at your life with NEW EYES!  


Because getting FIT is much more than your physical body. It’s about your mental, emotional and spiritual wellness too! Inside my Virtual Gym we cover more than just staying accountable to moving your body or eating right. We talk about mindset and positivity, your feelings and behaviors that create habits, the real reasons we make the choices we make that have gotten us to our current situation.

Access workouts and virtual community ALL FROM HOME!


Nutrition is the BIGGEST part of the health equation and the thing that most people struggle with even more than moving their bodies.

You’ve heard about and maybe even tried all of the diets out there and maybe you’re throwing your hands up cause you just don’t know what’s best with so much conflicting information.

Paleo, Keto, Carb Cycling, Atkins, juice cleanses, fasting….. a lot of these can get results and some can get results quick!

But if you can’t eat that way for the rest of your life, is it really how you wanna be eating?

That’s why I’m so passionate about healthy sustainable nutrition!

And while my Virtual Gym is not all about getting ripped abs, melting those extra pounds and seeing those muscles come through is a nice bonus of what can happen when you fuel your body in the right way.

I know changing your diet is not always easy to stick with long term, but it’s SO worth it.

When you can learn and teach yourself how to choose the RIGHT foods for YOUR body, so much changes!

Your mental fog lifts, you gain energy, you have more focus, you lose the bloat and inflammation, your confidence increases and you feel so empowered.

And that is why we focus so much on nutrition within my Virtual Gym and why I make sure you get access to BOTH of our premium digital nutrition programs when you join!

Here’s the 2 nutrition programs you get access to when you become a member:


2B Mindset

2B Mindset will give you a solid understanding of what your body needs and WHY.

So many people turn to food to cope with emotions and life…. this program will help you develop a healthier relationship with food, with the scale and with your body as you fall in love with eating more intentionally because you LOVE your body, not because you hate it.

This has been a game-changer for emotional eaters and those who love a more intuitive approach to nutrition.

Ultimate Portion Fix

UPF is all about focusing on portion control, teaching you what (and how much) macronutrients your body needs.

It completely simplifies clean eating and takes out the guess work, entirely! It tells you what foods go in what colored container and you never have to think about what food to eat to stay on track!

If you are a chronic over or under- eater, this program will be the perfect way to realign the amount of food you eat at each meal for what your body truly needs to fuel it properly.


Fitness does so much for us mentally, physically and emotionally. I am a firm believer in the power of creating a consistent fitness routine, because it leads to other healthy habits.

I am a former collegiate athlete, but as a mom of 4, my body is simply just not the same as it used to be! My movement is a little more limited and I am more conscious and aware of what my body can and cannot do.

BUUUUT, I am still in the best shape of my life…. For real! And I attribute that level of fitness to the programs available on the Beachbody on Demand (BOD) platform.

When you become a member, you will get a full one year subscription to BOD, giving you access to hundreds of workouts, meditations, yoga classes, healthy cooking shows and much more.

Check out how rad Beachbody on Demand is: