Hi! I'm Lindsey McDonald & this is my story!

Before I joined Beachbody, I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw back in the reflection. I had let myself go. I constantly blamed it on the baby weight, even though I had a 4 and 7-year-old. At one point, I remember thinking that this is just who I was now, and this is what I would look like. I felt horrible about myself – to the point where it was even affecting my marriage.

I made the decision to get healthy — the right way. I knew that there wasn’t going to be a Staples “well that was easy button”, it was going to be a lot of work and it was going to have to be a lifestyle change, if I wanted it to last. I had seen and heard of friends trying Beachbody, so I gave it a shot! It has been LIFE CHANGING! I love that it is my “me” time in the morning, I can do it in my living room at my schedule, and I can switch things up when I want to focus on a certain aspect or if I get bored. The possibilities have been endless, and my results are shocking, even to me.

I have a lost over 35 lbs., over 30 inches across my body, and I have never felt better. The nutrition support that the program offers made it really easy for me to go into this lifestyle change and has equipped me with the tools and fundamentals that I will
need for this journey. It is a journey; I realize that now – that is what Beachbody has taught me. I will never be done, and nor would I ever want to be because after I hit the play button and do the 30-60-minute work-out, I always get that sense of accomplishment. Who wouldn’t want to feel that level of accomplishment every day?

I’m committed to helping you STOP Yo-Yo dieting, take control of your life, and not just lose weight but lose that unfulfilling lifestyle. I want to help you live your healthiest and most fulfilled life because that’s what is sustainable and creating sustainability is the ‘secret’ to reaching your goals!

Why I do what I do:


I have so much passion now for health and fitness and most importantly, helping other moms and ladies out there who may struggle and feel the way I did. I am so dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

It's so much fun!

Doing this journey with other ladies is just so much fun! You get to interact with women who are going through the same struggles. We share our victories and our day-to-day, but most importantly - there is SO MUCH LOVE! I get to meet and interact with women all over and this community of STRONG WOMEN - it's inspiring!


I'm going to have some real talk with you - there are days that I don't feel like working out or following my meal plans. Doing what I do helps hold me accountable & TO STICK to my health & fitness goals and also help the ladies that I coach do the same! We are all in this together.