I know if you’re like me – mornings can be HARD! I’ve always loved morning routine ideas, but like many of us – I struggled to stick with it. I FINALLY found my best morning routine for success, and I’m excited to share what I do daily, as well as the benefits of a routine — and how to start your own.

Successful people utilize the morning because they know it’s a time they’re less likely to be interrupted – whether it be by kids, email, or the office. Creating a morning routine can help you be more productive and less stressed. So let’s dig into what should be a part of your routine.


Your morning routine should consist of the things that are MOST IMPORTANT to you. Even if you typically put your kids’, spouse, or even your supervisors agendas before your own – this routine is all about WHAT YOU NEED.


  • Bible study or prayer
  • Exercising
  • Meditation or visualization
  • Journaling
  • Reading or personal development
  • Breakfast
  • Tackling the most important thing on your to do list

Now I know you may be thinking to yourself – this is all great, but I can barley get done what’s on my to-do list now, and you want me to add in personal development? I’ve learned that the things that make us successful are usually easy to do. The flip side to that is that they are also easy NOT to do. It’s easy to journal for 5 minutes or take a walk around the block, but it’s also easy NOT to do those things, too. Creating a morning routine around the things that you value help you create time for them. I’ve seen morning routines range from 30 minutes to 3 hours! It depends on your schedule and what’s most important to you.

Here is a sample of my morning routine and what I do every day to help ME be my “best self”:


STEP 1: List anything you’d like to do on a daily basis
STEP 2: Prioritize the list based on importance
STEP 3: Decide the 3-5 things that are most valuable and forget the rest.
Step 4: Figure out how long each task takes.
Step 5: Put the tasks on your calendar and set your alarm for tomorrow


Not only does your morning routine allow you to make time for the things that are most important to you – it is also the time of the day when your will power is the highest! Typically people don’t mindlessly eat a while bag of Cheetos at 7AM, but give them a rough day, and they’ll find themselves in front of the TV with same bag of Cheetos and orange-covered hands from taking down the whole bag.

This is because our willpower declines with every decision and action we take. It’s best to start our day with things that uplift us and make the biggest difference in our day. When we do this, it also helps us feel accomplished early in the day and boosts our dopamine! Dopamine is connected to our ability to focus, motivation, and satisfaction – all of these things help us feel our best and boosts our productivity.


I realize trying to get kids out the door can be one of the most hectic parts of the day. I encourage you to wake up an hour before the kids do, to do what is most important to you!

Momma Pro-Tips:
I love these printable morning routine charts and tips to getting out of the door for school. Both of these can really help build personal responsibility in kids, which makes your morning even smoother!


Part of the magic of a morning routine is that it’s quiet. Make sure you honor this quiet time of your day! Don’t check emails or social media yet – LET THIS TIME BE ALL YOURS!

Before the week and night before:
You’ll want to decide what time you’ll wake up and what you’ll do first in the morning. I know what my most important task for the day is, as well as, my specific workout. I plan out my week using a planner (this is what I use, it’s so cute) and then look it over each night.

Make it easy to start and stop:

If you find yourself hitting the snooze button, put your alarm somewhere you have to get up to turn it off. Want to drink more water? Remove soda from your house and set a glass of water on the nightstand to wake up and drink first thing in the morning. Starting a new workout routine? Consider an at-home workout so you don’t have traffic and crowds (I recommend BeachBody) to deal with. Figure out ways to make your new habits easier and your old habits harder to do.

Don’t allow for interruptions:
Part of the magic of a morning routine is that it’s quiet. Make sure you honor this quiet time of your day! Don’t check emails or social media yet – LET THIS TIME BE ALL YOURS!

Remember – you can adjust your morning routine to work for you! Track your habits and how you feel on the routine. It can be tempting to be rigid with yourself once you have your morning routine outlined. It is important to notice how you feel a week on the plan. If you feel great, productive, and have more energy – you’ve hit the sweet spot. If it is bringing more stress, consider tweaking your routine until you hit your sweet spot!

Sending good routine vibes your way!

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