I’m not striving to have a Victoria’s Secret model body or even the body I had in college. WHAT I’M STRIVING FOR IS – TO BE COMFORTABLE IN MY OWN SKIN.

I love this saying – it says love yourself – that you are comfortable with yourself and that you accept your body as it is.

I do think that people often confuse sayings like this as an excuse to not take care of yourself. To be lazy and not do the work that it takes to get your body feeling strong, lean, and fit.

When I am comfortable in my own skin I can:

  • Play “Lava, Lava, Momma Monster” with my kids and run around like crazy without being winded.
  • I can easily bend over to tie my shoes
  • I can easily (most of the time) get my workouts in and love them
  • I can LIVE LIFE – go on hikes & travel
  • I can feel sexy
  • I feel happier & lighter


Being on a journey of being comfortable in my own skin is a DAILY journey. It does not stop when I hit my goal weight. It does not stop because I fit into that pair of jeans that I’ve been wanting to fit into FOR SO LONG. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not mad about that. I LOVE THAT JOURNEY. I love that every day I wake up and do the work to get myself to be THE BEST ME I CAN BE.

This journey is not a straight line. It has many bumps in the road. It has challenges and it is so different for every single one of us! It is not easy – so I give myself grace, love, and compassion (and just enough tough love) to keep me moving in the right direction.


What is the most important thing to you about being comfortable in your own skin? Is it being able to keep up with your kids? Is it looking hot in that bathing suit? Is it feeling strong and confident? What does being comfortable in your own skin mean to you? Post in the comments below!

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